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Even though we focus our attention on Desktop, Server and Network support for small businesses, we have many residential customers. Because of that, we offer Tips to our residential customers to assist them with their PC's at home. Of course, if you have any issues, we will be happy to help you!

Please remember you are solely responsible for downloading, installing and running any of these programs. See our disclaimer below.

Residential Solutions

Free Antivirus: AVG FREE virus scanner from Grisoft This program can be downloaded and installed on your computer and will give your computer full-time virus protection. It is one of the best anti-virus programs around and runs very efficiently and takes a very small processing toll on your machine.

FREE Online Antivirus Scanners:These on-line programs will scan your computer and attempt to remove any viruses they find. They are not intended for full-time virus protection. Use these programs to double check your system. You may run these scanners as many times as you wish. We suggest you run more than once if a problem is found. If they continue to find the same problem, most likely the virus is beyond the capabilities of these scanners to repair your system.


FREE Anti-Spyware and Utility Programs: Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer.

Check the speed of your Internet:If you want to know what your current upload and download Internet speed is click on the logo below and choose to run the test from New York City for accurate results.

Laptop Battery power may drain more quickly than you expect on a Windows XP SP2-based portable computers. If you've installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 on your portable computer, you may find that the battery goes down more quickly than you expected after you unplug the AC power. This can happen because the computer isn't able to go into the ACPI processor idle state because of a component of the USB 2.0 driver. There's an update that you can download and apply to fix the problem. To find out more and get the update, see Microsoft KB article 918005 at

Tips to Minimize Email Spam: Spammers get your email address from Web pages. More than 97% of spam email is sent to email addresses that appear on web pages (either as plain text or as embedded mailto links). Even if it is embedded in a submittal form a spammer will find it unless it is encrypted. Ask the company that designed your webpage to encrypt any page that your email address appears. If the company that designed your webpage does not understand the necessity of doing so, find another company.

Viewing Spam Messages Is What Generates More Spam. The fact is that you don't have to respond to a spam message to verify that your e-mail address is valid. Merely opening spam messages or viewing them in the "preview pane" of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and other e-mail programs, can reveal something about you automatically. It usually informs spammers that you saw a message, at least momentarily. How does the fact that you opened or previewed a spam message let a spammer know that your e-mail address is working? One study found that: 83% of spam messages contain a small image that, when downloaded for display by your e-mail program, confirms your existence. Addresses in the study that received spam messages but didn't view them received a volume of spam that remained roughly steady; By contrast, addresses that opened or previewed all the incoming spam messages received approximately double the volume of spam two weeks later, compared to the "non-viewing" addresses. So, do NOT use the preview pane.

Still Need Help?

If you get stuck after trying all the above items and still need help, you can bring us your computer for a "cleaning". North East Technology offers this service for clients and their employees. Email or call us 1.978.662.2041.

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